Just like wine, beers have their own unique characteristics and complexities from the style, the ingredients and the recipe. Tasting beer is every bit as satisfying as tasting wine so with this in mind we have an extensive selection of wines and real ales to sample during your visit.

Beer can be enjoyed on its own, but it is also exceptionally good with food, so don’t think for a moment that the dining table should be reserved solely for wine!

Of course no visit would be complete without a wee dram or two… Ever since the 15th century, Scotch whisky has cast its unique spell over drinkers. Sit back, unwind and enjoy our wide range of Malt Whiskies.

Relax in our woodland beer garden and enjoy the sunshine and views over the glen, or sit by our roaring open log fire to warm up on a chilly day! Being in Scotland, we have to cater for all seasons, but you can be guaranteed a warm and cosy atmosphere in our friendly bar.