The Strathardle Inn is situated on the south side of the village of Kirkmichael, the village dates back to the first millenium and settlements within the Strathardle Glen can be traced back to 200BC.

The Cateran Trail passes through the  peaceful glen known as Strathardle. In the past, this glen was a lucrative plundering ground for the Caterans, who seized on the cattle grazing the rich pastures. The Strathardle Glen runs from the east side of the Moulin moor through to Bridge of Cally and is approximately 10 miles long and 1-2 miles broad.

According to tradition, Strathardle was anciently called in Gaelic, Strath na muice brice; the glen of the brindled boar. Which name it is said to have retained till the time of the Danish invasion when in a battle fought between Danes and the Caledonian’s at the head of the country, a chief named Ard-f huil was killed, from him the glen got it’s name Strath Ard-f huil, Strathardle.

The Strathardle Inn was formerly known as the Aldchlappie Hotel but was renamed by previous owner’s when they took the helm in 2000 however it is often referred to as the Aldchlappie by the locals.

The Aldchlappie Hotel was also the smallest brewery in Scotland when it brewed it’s own beer (Aldchlappie 1314 & Aldchlappie 1707) from 1996  until 2000 when it was discontinued.